Sunday, May 19, 2013

Interview (Pets Magazine)

Hi all, it's been awhile, I know. Things been really busy, lots of gecko hatching's, ball pythons rotating, cleaning and all. Managed to get myself in for an interview with Pet Magazine by NanYang.

Simple Q/A session, what your parents think about it, how you get started, is it poisonous etc etc

I enjoy explaining the true nature of reptiles I keep =)

 Some cool ass camera to photograph those gecko with a mock background

Wrapping it off with a short tea party at my place

Handsome looking boy there !

Beautiful pictures, myself can't understand those Chinese words

4 pages in total, pretty impressing, circulation of this magazine not too vast, pretty hard to find

Info after info, see the supplements there, took me some time to explain difference between D3 vit and none D3

Just got a clutch of lesser x normal, 7 eggs 1 slug.

A little teaser will be posted up tomorrow, stay tuned !

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Leopard Gecko's, again

Lol, running out of ideas to blog on ball pythons, things are just stagnant, looking forward for gravitation and eggs laying then only things will be interesting for me.

At the mean while, is all about the geckos, feeding, cleaning, feeding, cleaning. All about the SHTCT.

Definitely you need a good dish of gut loaded meal worms, mine are always gut loaded with carrots and fruit skin once a week.

Up to date, I've 12 eggs so far from my SHTCT's pairing where 6 have hatched.

Coloration of those 6 babies are pretty good. Fat tail, no feeding problem and the carrot tail is almost 60% ! Holding back some to breed back to the dad.

Beautiful isn't it ?

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Snake Rack Deco

Something interesting caught up my mind while on my way to work.
Managed to print all of this old photos of mine and got it laminated.

Gosh, I miss this viper and mangrove. It's been awhile . . .

My office aka snake rack is getting more and more interesting each day. Gecko eggs are hatching, more eggs are laying, cleaning, breeding, feeding. Hell, I just love this hobby !

Friday, April 19, 2013

Breeders Female

Been breeding 3 of my monster females to a lesser since December 2012. Crossing finger's for gravid females and forecast ed to blow in June. Hmmm, wait ~ rotate ~ wait ~ rotate ~ it goes on

Proven female, I called it MK 1, lots of bowl hugging, locks several time, glowing, off feed, hope I'm right

Virgin female, called it Small mama, because I've another female which just laid called Big mama. Off fed too. Anyways, bred several time with the lesser, 2 -3 times with a spider, looking forward for some white pearls soon !

Virgin female, big for her size, lock several times too, still eating like a pig. Hoping for the best. Breeding ball pythons is a fun job to do, however, if you only have a small collection, the waiting part really kills you.
I'm looking into buying a female pastel regardless of size, if any of you are selling, do drop me a comment or give me a buzz.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Leopard Gecko Setup's

Here I present with an economical setup for my pair of leopard gecko's. With the basic necessity of a water dish, calcium powder, meal worm dish and a moist DIY hide is good enough to ensure longevity of your leopard gecko.

This is my gravid female, which yield 5 clutches of eggs in total, very healthy as you could see from it tail.

This is the husband for the female above. not really a big fan for meal worms, he loves crickets.
Newspaper is the best source of bedding, as it is cheap, easy to clean and it doesn't soak up moisture which creates bacteria.

Peace out !

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Snake Rack

Got my well deserved snake apartment done yesterday. Looking pretty awesome with 8 level of tubs at 170cm.

Hoping this year will turn out good and more to come next year.

5 level rack was done 4 years back. In a midst of planning to get a leopard gecko rack as well.

Been a pain in the ass shifting this over to my house.
But, I'm all happy about it !

Saturday, March 30, 2013

#Nephew #CNY #Docile #BallPython #Yolo # Education

Hi peeps, introducing my beloved nephew that share the same passion blood of mine.

Looking really good without any tension, harm or scarceness. He loves every animals of mine/

Traditional education on snakes towards children should abolish completely ! Nothing is wrong in keeping snakes, just a matter of responsibility that a human should have. If you doesn't have it, don't keep any because by the end of the day, the blame will go to the snake which at fault from your stupidity.

Harsh but yes, humankind are getting those poor snakes a very very bad reputation. Kindly advise.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Leopard Gecko (New Born) 2013

Currently, my leopard gecko's are laying like pigs. I would say the work load to maintain just 2 lg's are much more than having 7 snakes.

These 2 just hatched out 2 days ago, another 4 more eggs incubating and probably in 10 - 14 days, will have another 2 clutches more.

If you are looking into purchasing your first leopard gecko, or even looking into upgrading your collection, please visit this link at and make sure you like the page to keep updated with the latest collection offered !

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Lesser X Normal (Fatality)

Managed to hatched a clutch of lesser X normal, 3 lesser's, 4 normal's, 1 slug. Good job for the Big Mama. However, sadly to say, in 6 years of keeping ball python's, this is my first casualty. Out of 7 eggs, only 2 normals survived.

It was cut on day 55

Beautifully formed lesser !

Everything seem well but ...

Yolk-sack still attached

My biggest mistake was to take the temperature of the incubator for granted. Another mistake was getting bacteria infection on the eggs.

Listen friends, next time after you have cut your eggs, leave them in the incubator as it is until they start crawling out THEMSELVE's. It doesn't matter it might be day 70 or day 80 after that, they will be fine as long you keep your incubator close !

Expensive lesson for me.