Sunday, May 19, 2013

Interview (Pets Magazine)

Hi all, it's been awhile, I know. Things been really busy, lots of gecko hatching's, ball pythons rotating, cleaning and all. Managed to get myself in for an interview with Pet Magazine by NanYang.

Simple Q/A session, what your parents think about it, how you get started, is it poisonous etc etc

I enjoy explaining the true nature of reptiles I keep =)

 Some cool ass camera to photograph those gecko with a mock background

Wrapping it off with a short tea party at my place

Handsome looking boy there !

Beautiful pictures, myself can't understand those Chinese words

4 pages in total, pretty impressing, circulation of this magazine not too vast, pretty hard to find

Info after info, see the supplements there, took me some time to explain difference between D3 vit and none D3

Just got a clutch of lesser x normal, 7 eggs 1 slug.

A little teaser will be posted up tomorrow, stay tuned !

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